I am a curious human being passionate about nature, design, science, problem solving, food, music & fitness.

I like to keep things simple & fun. My vision for the world is to help develop societies which makes life for everyone simple & fun in a Circular Economy fashion.

After graduating in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, I started my professional journey co-founding TinyOwl in 2013 to simplify the food ordering experience. Post it’s acquisition in 2016, I have been an active member of Toptal developer network providing consultation to companies worldwide on Software Programming & Architecture.

I am majorly working on starting my career in the field of Design thinking, which has got me into Sketching, Industrial Design & Hardware engineering, things beyond my current professional comfort zone.

Do checkout my work on Industrial Product Design. I am always looking to connect & collaborate with people/companies who share my passion so hit me up in the contact section.